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Is it time to digitise your order-to-Invoice process?

Whether you’re a venue or a supplier you can simplify and improve processes for live pricing ordering picking and invoicing.

A recent report by Wholesale News revealed an overwhelming level of recognition from foodservice wholesalers in the importance of developing an e-commerce presence. Results accumulated from an industry-wide survey assessed thirty-four of the UK’s leading foodservice wholesalers and their appetite for digital transformation.

An alarming 100 percent of respondents viewed e-commerce as paramount for the future of their business. While this response is positive it is not conclusive of the action wholesalers are taking towards building an online platform. There is a very real disconnect between what wholesalers recognise as necessary and actions or investments made towards implementing e-commerce into their business model.

Another key finding from the report showed that 85 percent of wholesalers felt their business was disadvantaged if their competitors had a strong online presence. With a digital platform in place there is ample opportunity to scale up as buyers increase at a faster rate with less room for error. The customers utilizing a digital platform are presented with comprehensible appealing purchasing processes contrastingly the customers who still adhere to manual antiquated systems are disserving their business. Evidently it is the wholesalers already equipped with an online marketplace who have the upper hand.

If you eliminate wasteful time spent manually processing orders and allocate more time to focus on strengthening customer relationships and growth your business has the potential to thrive. An online marketplace creates endless opportunities an increase in sales reduction of overheads and ultimately profit generation. Furthermore you provide your business with the space to stand tall in the competitor market.

It is no surprise key findings reflect wholesalers are conscious of this fast-moving trend. An online platform is the direction the food industry is heading with an increase in inflation profit margins being squeezed and more importantly the global labour shortage. Digital will never be a temporary lifeline the solution is to move with it.

Fresho an online ordering and invoicing platform for wholesale and food suppliers operates across the UK and on a global scale. The software processes 260000 orders a month with $1.3b GMV going through the Fresho platform annually.

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