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How Chefs Can Save Hours of Admin With Fresho

Feature spotlight: Invoice Confirmation 

In this new digital era, businesses across the globe are rapidly moving online. While most businesses across a number of industries are rapidly digitising, a large portion of the hospitality industry is being left behind with its antiquated and error-riddled ordering and payment processes.

Lost invoices, manual data entry, errors in orders resulting in wasted food and sunk costs.… the list goes on. As a result, 50-plus hour working weeks are becoming the norm for chefs globally.

When an average venue is ordering from 15 suppliers and ordering from them in 15 different ways, manually entering invoices into spreadsheets, all the while trying to keep track of who’s ordered what in the early hours of the morning, it’s not surprising that this is the case.

What is Fresho

Fresho, the online ordering and order management software platform for wholesale food and beverage businesses, has developed its ordering software to help restaurants and cafes save time, minimise food waste, and better manage food costs.

Fresho is used by chefs throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US, with more than 30,000 venues ordering online.

Chefs can now use Fresho’s Invoice Confirmation feature completely free of charge, allowing them to consolidate their orders and invoices in one place, reducing data entry, errors, and food costs.

With all orders and invoices centralised, chefs no longer have to check emails, text messages, supplier portals, and jotted notes to keep track of their many food orders and payments.

How Fresho works for venues

The Fresho team loads the venue’s suppliers onto the platform so chefs can place all their orders online in one system. The chef can then simply take a picture of an invoice and upload it to the order, before confirming it for payment. This means they can easily keep track of what is coming, who’s ordered for the day, and avoid over-ordering and missed payments.

Before After - with Fresho
Over ordering & food waste
Full visibility of all your orders in one place online. See who has placed what, and plan for what’s coming
Lost invoices & missed payments
Digitally store your invoices on Fresho by simply taking a photo and get an overview of all upcoming costs in one place
Items mysteriously missed off your orders
Easily review & compare your orders against your invoices - it's all in one place!
Manual data entry
Gone are the days of manually typing up invoices - simply take a photo of your invoice and upload it to Fresho
More manual data entry
Live integration with Xero - when you confirm an invoice in Fresho it seamlessly pushes through to Xero with zero data entry
Long hours
Fresho will save time and get you back to what you do best
Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser
Meet Alex, our Product Marketing Specialist based in London. When she's not promoting new Fresho features, you'll likely find her on top of a mountain with her camera, or in the colder months, clocking as many powder days skiing as possible.
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