Fresh product news – January 2023

In this post we’ll be deep diving into new features that can help your business performance. Learn how you can boost your cash flow with automated payments, discover the power of product categories in delivering a top-notch customer experience, and more…

Get paid faster with automated payments

Worried about cash flow? You’re not alone – it’s a common concern for many wholesale food businesses. Waiting to get paid and having those awkward “please pay us” conversations can really mess with your plans for growth and future projects. 

Fresho’s powerful payments feature will automate payments for you.  Reduce your debtor days and ensure you get paid, and paid on time.

How does it work?

Your customer can add their card to Fresho (or you can add it for them), and their invoices will be automatically charged based on their payment terms with you. 

It makes life easier for your customers, while saving you time on admin.

What’s new?

  • When a customer adds their card to Fresho, it will be turned on for automatic charging for all invoices that are due, making it easier for you to process payments and manage cash flow.
  • You’ll receive email notifications whenever a customer adds their card to Fresho. This will include a link that takes you straight to the customer’s payment settings if you need to adjust anything.

Watch: Marrfish extend credit terms with automated payments

Learn more here.

More control over user permissions

Control your employees’ access to Fresho. There’s a new permission for all users called Can Manage Selling Settings, with added functionality. Choose who has access to Invoicing, Picking, and Reports sections in Selling Settings.

As default, all users will have full access. Head to settings and update user permissions if you want to restrict access. Learn more here.

Easily track updates to orders with history view

To give you and your team better visibility of your orders, you can view details of who and when a user has edited an order, and a history of what changes they made. 

When you are in an order, click History at the top right of your screen. History information is available for 3 months.

Learn more here.

Product categories for your customers

Make it easier for your customers to order from you by grouping products together in categories. This lets your customers easily filter for products they’re looking for, as well as discover new products leading to larger basket sizes. Learn more here.

Get in touch

We’re always looking for ways to help improve your business operations. If you have any feedback or want to see how Fresho can work for your business, feel free to get in touch.

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