Fresh product news – September 2023

In this post we’ll be running through a bunch of new updates designed to improve your business operations and customer relationships. Learn how to pick online for happier customers, optimise your negotiated customer pricing, manage in-app customer requests, and easily update your customer favourite lists. Let’s dive in!

Pick online for happier customers

Get your orders out the door faster, and with fewer errors. Instead of using paper picking slips, update supplied line items on a tablet as you pick the order.

What’s new?

You can now report on picking efficiency to optimise your picking and packing processes. View your online picking data by product and by worker, to easily identify where process or performance can be improved. View data for any date range in charts, tables, or downloadable csv files. Head to Data Mode and click on the Operations tab to get these insights. Learn more here.

Pro tip: the Samsung Galaxy A8 tablet is a supplier favourite for picking orders online. 

Watch: How Fisher and Woods cut picking errors by 80%

Connect to your customers with ease

It’s now easier for you and your customers to find and connect with each other on Fresho. If a venue requests to order from you, you can accept or decline these requests in the Fresho app, and go straight to entering your customers’ agreement details. 

To view your customer requests, head to the Customers tab and click manage new customer requests. From here, simply accept or decline the request. Learn more here.

Improvements to how you manage your Negotiated Pricing

We have revamped our Negotiated Pricing & Notes screen to give you greater control and visibility. 

What’s new?

Negotiated Product Notes: Create and update product notes specific to the customers within that pricing group. These will appear on the marketplace, when picking, and on the invoice.

Instant Margin Calculation: Margins are automatically calculated for you and shown next to the negotiated price. This allows you to make well-informed decisions on pricing, ensuring your profitability remains in focus.

Effortless Changes: Your updates are now automatically saved, eliminating any hassle and ensuring no updates are missed. 

Mobile Accessibility: The Negotiated Pricing Screen is now easily accessible on mobile devices to manage your pricing on the go.

Learn more here.

Instantly update your Customer Favourite lists

Easily update your Customer Favourites (previously known as Pantry Lists) to give your customers an easy online ordering experience. You can now upload and download customer favourites lists as a CSV file, in bulk. This will help when setting up a large number of Customer Favourites, or if you want to add a single product to all existing Favourites lists. Learn more here.

Get in touch

We’re always looking for ways to help improve your business operations. If you have any feedback or want to see how Fresho can work for your business, feel free to get in touch.

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