You’ll notice right away that Fresho has been designed for fresh food suppliers and their customers.

The easy-to-use platform is built around the unique needs of seafood, meat, and fruit and vegetable wholesalers. They use it to manage orders, picking, delivery, invoicing and payments – either as a standalone solution or integrated into finance, ERP, logistics or other systems.

Every month, Fresho is trusted by thousands of these suppliers to manage billions of dollars in orders from tens of thousands of chefs, foodservice outlets and hospitality venues.

Deep industry knowledge and input from customers have helped us keep things simple – across ordering, picking, delivery, invoicing and payments.

The result? Well-designed tools that are as easy to use on the warehouse floor and in the back office as they are on the road. And for chefs and restaurant owners, Fresho makes it easy to see pricing and specials, and to track orders and invoices, in one place.

And because, like you, we understand that customer relationships are everything in fresh food, we designed Fresho as a closed marketplace. That means your range and specific pricing are visible only to each customer. Unlike other platforms, Fresho is not a price comparison tool.

From regional headquarters in Melbourne and London, with staff located internationally, our team guides and supports users in Australia, the UK, Ireland, the United States and New Zealand.

And customers tell us that it’s the passion and dedication of the Fresho team that makes transitioning to online order-to-payment processes one of the best decisions they have made.

Our story

Fresho was founded in 2015 by Huw Birrell and James Andronis, who were convinced that technology could play a role in reducing the significant levels of waste in fresh food distribution.

James’ 15 years’ experience in running one of Australia’s leading seafood wholesalers and Huw’s background in tech entrepreneurship and international finance led them to see an opportunity to revolutionise how fresh food wholesalers and their customers work together.

Today Fresho is a leading online platform in Australia and the UK, with growing businesses in other markets. It provides real-time control and insights that allow both suppliers and venues to operate more sustainably and more efficiently. Automation of repetitive tasks and complex processes allows staff to focus on high-value activities, while owners can better deal with the ‘always on’ nature of the business.

Fresho has raised over $30m in investment, which has funded product expansion into areas including payment automation, and a successful push into overseas markets.

Fresho Co-founders, Huw Birrell & James Andronis.

Leadership team

Our Leadership team is supported by a Board rich in international experience gained in leadership and non-executive roles.

James Andronis

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

James has over 20 years’ experience in the food industry, having been a Director and CEO of Clamms Seafood, one of the largest processors and distributors of seafood in Australia.

Huw Birrell

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Huw co-founded Fresho and has a passion for fresh food. Previously, he worked with a number of startups and was in Investment Banking for a several years in Australia and South America.

Sarah Rumbold

Director, Fresho NZ

Prior to joining Fresho as General Manager of NZ, Sarah worked in Communications & Marketing for 15 years and was also a part-owner of two restaurants in Auckland.

Warren Oliver

Chief Technology & Product Officer

Warren manages our Product and Engineering teams, providing a comprehensive view of product, emerging technologies and customer experience. He is experienced in delivering solutions across sectors including FinTech and MedTech.

Steve Jones

Sales & Marketing Director

Steve leads our global sales team. Prior to joining Fresho, he successfully scaled two B2B SaaS businesses.

Nick Beattie

Global Enterprise Director

Nick heads our Commercial Team and spends his time working with wholesalers to demonstrate how Fresho can save them time and money. He spent the previous decade in Europe, running a successful International Trade business.

Sebastian Smart

Director, Fresho UK

Prior to taking up the position of General Manager of Fresho UK, Seb spent three years running Fresho Australia's implementation Team. Seb has over 10 years of food industry experience.

Board & Advisors

Mark Wells


Mark is a director, advisor, investor and founder and has built and exited multiple businesses in the technology and climate sectors.

Nicky Jackson

Board Member

Nicky built on a successful FMCG marketing career by creating RangeMe, a San Francisco-based product discovery and sourcing platform. RangeMe is the largest global B2B product discovery platform and has hundreds of top tier retail customers including Walmart, Walgreens and Tesco.

Zac Rosenberg

Board Member

Zac is an investor and business advisor. He is a non-executive director of, an AI-driven HR tool, and of Influential, an AI social data and conversion solution. He is also a co-founder of Polemos, a provider of information and education services in the blockchain games space.

Lisa Miles-Heal

Growth Advisor

Lisa is a technology and commercial leader, experienced in scaling SaaS businesses to $50m+ in ARR, exceeding Rof40 targets and increasing global presence. As CEO of (Visma-owned) Silverfin, she spends time between the UK and Belgium and advises Australian and NZ businesses on growth.