Fresh product news – March 2023

This month we’ve had a big focus on two things: helping you improve your cash flow, and making your floor operations smoother.

Optimise floor operations: Generate individual product stickers

No more fussing with paper picking slips. Now, you can easily print individual stickers for each product, right from your selected orders. This is especially useful if you prep products and don’t need to be working off an entire picking slip, or if you’re working in wet environments. Plus, you’ll always know which prepped item is destined for which customer during picking.

Simply navigate to the ‘submitted’ or ‘accepted’ orders tabs, select the orders you want, and batch print the product stickers. Then slap the sticker on a box, pack or bag and hand it over to your prepper or packer. 

Pro tip: Looking for a sticker printer? See supplier recommendations here.

Product stickers in action

Premier Fish use product stickers daily to streamline their packing operations.

Jump start your cash flow

Ensure you get paid, and paid on time. Add card details on behalf of your customers and begin charging instantly. 

How it works is simple: Once you’ve added your customer’s card to Fresho, you can one-off charge any individual order, or set up automated charging where their invoices will be automatically charged based on their payment terms with you. It makes life easier for your customers, while saving you time on unnecessary admin.

Card details are stored securely in Stripe with the highest certification available in the payments industry. Learn more here.

New self service Selling Settings

Fresho continues to become more self-service to give you more control over your dashboard. You can now make edits to Selling Settings without contacting Fresho Support. This includes:

  • Picking slip templates
  • Invoice locking period
  • Payment and contact details on an invoice
  • Invoice templates
  • Adding free text to product stickers 

Learn more here

Use invoices to communicate with your customers

You can now also use your invoices to communicate with your customers. Add customised text and images on the bottom of your invoices via Selling Settings. 

This is a great way to notify your customer of public holiday closures, special product promotions or any other business related announcements. Learn more here

Get in touch

We’re always looking for ways to help improve your business operations. If you have any feedback or want to see how Fresho can work for your business, feel free to get in touch.

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Meet Alex, our Product Marketing Specialist based in London. When she's not promoting new Fresho features, you'll likely find her on top of a mountain with her camera, or in the colder months, clocking as many powder days skiing as possible.
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