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Food Suppliers Guide:
The biggest problems you are facing

“The coming decade will see wholesalers split into two distinct groups; those distributors who future proof their business through innovation and reinvention and those who maintain a business as usual strategy. Wholesalers in the latter group will decline” – Federation of Wholesale Distributors.

Fresho works with a variety of wholesale food suppliers across the globe and our core purpose is addressing the problems which wholesale food suppliers face. Based on our research and experience in the industry, there are 5 lingering problems which restrict suppliers from reaching their fullest potential. 

This blog series will define these problems and how an online ordering platform like Fresho has the potential to resolve them.  

On a global scale, wholesale food suppliers play an important role, in supplying countries with the fresh produce they need to sustain key parts of the hospitality, retail, and consumer sectors. 

To fulfil the demands of these industries, wholesale food suppliers require attention to detail, quick & efficient processing, and clear communication and without this, they face 5 common problems: 

The five common problems

The purpose of this blog is to provide wholesalers insight into where you can improve your processes and manage these shifts among customers.

According to The Federation of Wholesale Food Distributors, the interaction between suppliers and customers is changing with an ‘adoption of new, and major shifts in how customers want to interact and transact’.

Online ordering for food wholesalers isn’t the future, it’s now.

The first topic in this series explores the outdated order entry systems of food wholesalers.

It will be an invaluable change in the business to move away from long voicemails, WhatsApp, and emails. Removing these outdated methods of ordering will not only save time, money, and resources but reduce order errors and dissatisfied customers.

An easy solution to consolidate and enter orders will offer business growth opportunities and improve the customer user experience.


Secondly, this blog series brings attention to the lack of product management that wholesale food suppliers currently have.

It is rare for suppliers to keep an up-to-date product list. This means attracting new customers, advertising new products, and managing product availability is currently impossible.

After bouncing back from the effects of Covid 19, the demands of the hospitality industry are changing. Offering product availability, live pricing, specials, and seasonality, are all features which would make a wholesale business stand out.

As well as providing huge benefits to venues, this will simplify product management and offer new ways of attracting business.


Here we look into the increasing need to go digital within the wholesale food supply industry. One of the biggest barriers to achieving business professionalism is the inability to provide digital invoices and easy access to invoice history.

Many food suppliers continue to provide customers with paper invoices. This results in continual requests for invoices to be re-sent, re-written, and can lead to disputes over incorrect orders.

Through digitalising invoicing and offering a platform for customers to access previous invoices, wholesale businesses appear professional and able to keep up with modernising technologies.


Poor cash flow is a continual burden to wholesale food suppliers who often find themselves chasing payments instead of chasing new business.

Not only is this a misuse of resources, but can also be hugely problematic to a business’ cash flow. The knock-on effect leads to missed investment opportunities and the inability for business expansion.

Removing the need to chase payments, and implementing an improved customer payment system, can offer suppliers with the healthy cash flow required to grow.


The final article looks into the lack of an effective delivery run management system suppliers currently have.

It is all too common for wholesale food suppliers to waste hours of their daily routine organising orders into delivery runs, drop orders, and ensuring all van drivers keep up with changing delivery instructions. With some wholesalers operating a 24/7 business, this process is often carried out in the early hours of the morning when mistakes are easily made.

Implementing a system automating this process would provide huge time-saving potential and act as an invaluable resource to business operations.


What's next:

Is there a solution to ALL these problems?​

The answer is yes, and it’s digital.

A simple, automated, paperless technology could be the answer to revolutionising the wholesale food business.

A platform enabling online ordering, product management, digital invoices, improved cash flow, and a delivery run management system is the next step to growing wholesale businesses.

Historically, fresh produce wholesalers have been unable to grow due to outdated processes. By shifting online, wholesalers can save time and money and ultimately expand.

Are you a food wholesaler?

Do you resonate with these problems? We have the solution.