Our purpose

Around the world approximately one third of the food that is grown, caught and manufactured (or 1.3 billion tonnes in the food industry) ends up as wastage. Reducing food wastage is at the core of our purpose and what has driven us to create our leading software for the food industry.

We believe through developing simple, automated, paperless software we can help make food businesses more efficient and prevent wastage at the source.



Our story

Fresho was born in 2016 out of the idea that fresh food wastage could be eliminated with state of the art software.

We know the industry first-hand and are familiar with the time pressures and 24/7 operational issues that food businesses experience. We wanted to create a technology that could ease these pressures and help food businesses and their customers whilst reducing food wastage at the same time.

It’s this experience, understanding and thinking that makes Fresho the leader in providing software for the food industry.