Integrating Xero with Fresho

1.0 Data flow: How integration works

Primary Integration
Secondary Integration

2.0 Getting Started

Connecting to Xero
1.  Simply login to your Fresho account and go to ‘Company’

2.  Under ‘Integrations’ click ‘connect to Xero’!

Connecting to multiple Xero accounts
1.  Click on the ‘Account’ icon and go to ‘Company’.

2.  Click on the ‘Integrations’ tab and click ‘Edit’

3.  If you wish to use multiple account codes, untick the ‘Use single account code’ check box. 

Note: For this to work you will need to have each product set up with a corresponding account code in your Xero.**If you have unticked this box and don’t have an account code set up against the product, it will push through to the default account that was initially set up. If you’re wanting to continue to push all sales data into a single account code, leave this check box ticked.

Disconnecting from Xero
1.  Click on the ‘Account’ icon and go to ‘Company’.

2.  Go to ‘Integrations’ and click ‘Edit’

3.  Scroll down and click ‘Disconnect’


3.1 What is Fresho to Xero finance integration?
For users who use Xero as their accounting software, Fresho to Xero finance integration seamlessly transfers invoiced Fresho orders into Xero.

3.2 How to I get my Fresho invoiced orders into Xero?
Fresho allows any credit notes or invoices created through the Fresho platform to be automatically pushed into Xero as invoices. This occurs when an order is invoiced in Fresho. Please follow our setup instructions to get started.

3.3 What settings should I use for my Xero Finance Integration?
When setting up your Xero Finance Integration you may choose from the following options:

  • Single account code: Select a valid account code from your list of Xero account codes
  • Send product codes: Have individual line items on your invoice map to your Xero products and services.
  • Untick single account code: Work out the account code based on the item Sales Account as setup in Xero

3.4 Why can’t I select “send product codes” in the Finance Integration settings screen on Fresho?
You will not be able to select ‘send product codes’ in the settings on Fresho if your Fresho account is not set up to use product codes. If you would like to send product codes to Xero for the purposes of tracking inventory or reporting, please contact the team at Fresho.

Please note: Once this feature is turned on, it is up to you to maintain the mapping between your Fresho product codes and Xero item codes.

3.5 Why can’t I untick “use single account code” in the Finance Integration settings screen on Fresho?
Our default integration is to use one Xero Account Code for all product line items sent to Xero. To unselect this, your Fresho account you will need to have the ‘send product codes’ option ticked. If you are unable to tick this, please contact the Fresho team.

3.6 I unticked “use single account code” and now my account code is blank? Or has an account code I did not expect?
By unticking use single account code, no account code will need to be selected. If you have an account on Xero with no account code, the select box will show the name of the account. For example, an account with an account code will display as “200 – Sales” the same account with no account code will display “ – Sales”. In this case, no account code will be sent and the Sales Account associated with the item in Xero will be used.

3.7 How does Fresho know who my customers are and what my items are in Xero?
By default, Fresho maps the items by matching the product codes on Fresho to the item code on Xero. The customer codes on Fresho are matched to the contacts account numbers on Xero. New customers will be created if they cannot be found on Xero.

3.8 What information does Fresho read from my Xero account?
The primary role of Fresho Xero integration is to push invoiced orders on Fresho as invoices into Xero. As such, Fresho tries to read the minimum data from your Xero account.

The data that Fresho reads from your Xero account are as follows:

  • A list of account codes: This is to help set an account code
  • Find contacts by account number: This is based on the customer code on the invoiced order
  • Find products by item code: This is based on the product codes on the invoiced orders

3.9 I received an email with the subject line: “Problem updating Xero from Fresho,” what should I do?
For any invoiced orders that cannot be sent to Xero without your assistance, you will receive an email detailing the error. Fresho will attempt to push the invoice into your Xero once every 24 hours for 6 consecutive days before it stops.

3.10 I received an error email with the subject line: “This update will NOT be reprocessed.” what should I do?
You will receive this email after 6 consecutive attempts (where each attempt occurs after a 24 hour period) of sending the update to Xero. If this occurs, it means that the Fresho invoice has failed to push through to Xero. This email will include the Fresho order number that failed to push through, and it is up to you to manually enter the invoice into Xero.

3.11 How to deal with integration error emails:

Item code ‘SOME-ITEM-KG’ is not valid
This error occurs if you are using send product codes and your product codes in Fresho cannot find the matching item code in Xero. You will need to add the item code to Xero to allow the Fresho invoiced order to be sent through.

Account code or ID must be specified
This error occurs if Fresho is unable to map to your Xero account code. This may either be due to the fact that:

a)  the account code setup in Fresho no longer exists; or

b)  the Xero Sales Account associated with a product no longer exists or has been left blank

TaxType code ‘EXEMPTOUTPUT’ cannot be used with account code ‘200’
This error occurs if the selected account code is not a valid Xero Sales Account code. You will need to add this chart of accounts to Xero.

Xero Errors: The Account Number already exists
a) When a contact with that account number has been archived. You will need to unarchive the contact, remove the account number and archive again.

b)  When Xero contacts have been merged and the account number is saved in the archived merged contact. Unarchive the contact, remove the account number, merge contacts again and add the account number on the visible contact.

Only X items available to sell
This error occurs if you are using send product codes and you have ’track inventory’ turned on in Xero. You will need to update the products inventory so that there are sufficient items in your Xero. Once this has been done, the invoiced order will be able to push through and deduct the correct inventory.

3.12 On my Settings, The Finance Integrations page shows “The Xero connection failed. Please disconnect and reconnect.” Why did this happen?
The connection between Fresho and Xero is agreed upon by both softwares. This means that it can break if either platform breaks or if the connection agreement token expires. This could happen because of the following reasons:

a)  60 days of inactivity; or

b)  If a user disconnects Fresho from Xero.

To fix this error, simply disconnect Xero from Fresho and reconnect. Follow instructions to disconnect – link to ‘how to disconnect from Xero’ section