Fresh product news – November 2023

Jump into this month’s fresh product updates. First up, learn how you can use software to improve your margins. Followed by a bunch of other updates that can help you get paid faster and improve your day-to-day operations.

Stop expensive mistakes with automated margins

The wholesale food industry is unpredictable by nature. Prices are always changing and it can be pretty hard to keep up. So it makes total sense that wholesalers find it hard to get an easy snapshot and keep on top of their margins.

What’s new?

All product prices (including negotiated prices) now have a margin percentage attached to them. So straight away you get an easy visual of what you’re making on each product, and spot pricing errors that are costing you money. Plus, you now only need to update your cost price – Fresho does the rest for you.

How does it work?

Make sure to keep your cost prices up to date to get the most out of this feature.

When you update your cost price, your level price or margin will automatically update. Simple as that. There are a couple of ways you can set this up:

1. Fixed Margin

When you go in and change the cost price, the level price will automatically update based on the fixed margin percentage that you’ve set for that product. This allows you to be absolutely sure of the margin you’re going to make – Fresho does it for you.

2. Fixed Level Price 

When change the cost price, the level price will remain the same but the margin percentage will update to reflect the new cost price. This helps you keep your prices consistent but also stay informed on the margin you’re making per product.

Pro tip: you can also drill down into margins by product, and margins by customer in Data Mode.

Learn more here.

“The implementation of the product margins on Fresho was one of the best features so far in my opinion. It’s so easy to see if you have priced something wrong, are losing money, and makes it a lot easier to set prices.”

Alex Wells
Zampa Fish

How to use software stop expensive mistakes – Interview with Will Armstrong

It’s now easier for customers to pay invoices early

When your invoice is automatically emailed to your customers, it will now include a Pay Now button to prompt a speedy payment. Many customers have requested this feature so they can control the timing of their card payments. Learn more here.

New packing list with no pricing

You can now download a packing list with no pricing to send with your orders. This is for when you don’t want your invoices to show prices when delivering, particularly if you use third party delivery services. Learn more here.

Show RRP on customer invoices

For full transparency on pricing, you can now show the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) on your invoices to keep it real with your customers. If you’d like this turned on, get in touch and we can do it for you. Learn more here.

Update your customer settings in bulk

Updating your customer settings just got a whole lot easier. You can now download them as a csv file, make bulk changes in the spreadsheet, and upload to easily update everything in Fresho all at once. Learn more here.

Suggest changes to customer contact details

You no longer need to contact Fresho support for any changes. You can now suggest changes to Notification Recipients for your customers directly in the app. Learn more here.

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