Fresh product news – February 2024

This month’s fresh product updates are here. The focus is on giving your customers an even better experience, so your relationships stay strong. Learn how to spot customers who may have stopped ordering, get new ones signed up more easily, see improvements to online order picking, and use new flexibility to manage what drivers can see on delivery documents.

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New Reporting: Who should have ordered by now?

Introducing a new report in Data Mode: Sales Variance by Customer. Designed to prevent you losing customers, it helps you reach out to those who should have ordered but didn’t. You can view the variation in customer spend between two date ranges to see who should have ordered, so you stay a step ahead. Learn more here.

Improved online order picking screen

Get orders out the door faster, with fewer errors, and save on paper handling with online picking. 

What’s new:

  • Get a live view of new orders and those being picked.
  • Easily see what lines are being picked by someone else.
  • Allocate yourself to pick items in certain locations with product groups.

Learn more here

Get new customers on board faster

Promote your Fresho homepage with a QR code (on your website, business cards or delivery trucks) for faster and easier customer sign ups.

When a new customer signs up from your homepage, you’ll receive an in-app request in the Customers tab on your dashboard. 

And now you can also show product categories and business info on your homepage to make signing up even better for customers. 

Need help with a QR code? Contact us and we’ll send a customised one through.

Choose whether to show pricing on Delivery Run PDF

You now have the choice not to show pricing on Delivery Run PDFs. This is great if you or your customers don’t want staff or drivers to see product prices or customer spend. You can update this in Selling settings, under Delivering, by unticking the Show pricing on delivery manifests checkbox.

Learn more here.

Did you miss November's updates?

For a reminder of November’s new features, including how Fresho can help you manage and protect your margins, click here

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