5 Fresho features to kick start 2024

The beauty of SaaS order management software is that you are never stuck on an old version. All of the 20+ major new features added to Fresho over the past year were immediately available to users, helping them stay ahead of their competition. From increasing productivity and improving customer service, to managing margins in challenging times, there is plenty for every fresh food wholesaler to consider. Take advantage of these key tools to make 2024 the best year yet for your business. 

Here are five of our favourites…

1. Data Mode: Monitor Business Health in Real Time

Data Mode is not just a feature; it’s the pulse of your business. With this tool, you can keep a close eye on your buying and selling data in real time. Easily track your product and customer margins to help guide (and even automate) crucial pricing decisions that will boost your bottom line. Learn more here.

2. Proof of Delivery: No More Order Disputes

Say goodbye to order disputes with Proof of Delivery. Record proof of delivery effortlessly by scanning a QR code on the invoice. No login is required, and the delivery location is automatically tagged. In case no one is there to accept the order, the driver can upload a photo of where they left the delivery. This information is live in Fresho for you and your customers to view, enhancing transparency. Learn more here.

3. Online Picking: Quick and Error-Free Order Fulfilment

With Online Picking you can get your orders out the door faster and with fewer errors. Instead of relying on traditional paper picking slips, update supplied line items on a tablet as you pick the order. It’s an efficient way to get your orders out faster, and with fewer mistakes. Learn more here.

4. Automated Margins: No More Costly Mistakes

Say goodbye to expensive mistakes with Automated Margins. Get an easy visual of what you’re making on each product, and easily spot pricing errors that are costing you money. Plus, you only need to update your cost price – Fresho applies the margin you have set and does the rest for you. Learn more here.

5. Payments: Get Paid Faster with Automation

Time is money, and Fresho’s Payments feature helps you save both. Tackle bad debt by automating your payments. Your customers can easily add credit or debit card details to Fresho, or you can do it for them. Invoices will be automatically charged based on their agreed payment terms, improving cash flow and ensuring you get paid on time every time, without the hassle of chasing payments. Learn more here.

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Alex Fraser
Alex Fraser
Meet Alex, our Product Marketing Specialist based in London. When she's not promoting new Fresho features, you'll likely find her on top of a mountain with her camera, or in the colder months, clocking as many powder days skiing as possible.
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